Wednesday Knights, 5pm CST

The events calendar still needs some work so I'll just post here. This will be mainly an impromptu event but on occasion I may plan on doing something 'knightly'. However, all will be welcome. Some possibilities include RP, boss hunts, gathering materials & crafting, hat quests, hanging out or whatever people feel up for. Currently planning for 5pm CST. No particular end time. Meet at Caer Dracwych or /zone Bowen Bloodgood

Map added to Library

A map showing the road to Caer Dracwych has been added to the library.

New Events Calendar

The time has come. We needed our own events calendar and now we have one. Events are now being scheduled starting this weekend. We will be hosting our own guild events as well as public events hosted by us. You will find a link to the calendar on the top menu.

RP Course on Chivalry & Knighthood in New Britannia

I am planning an RP course to be given over the July 4th weekend during R19. The subject, as the title of this announcement suggests will be role-playing chivalry and knighthood. Time and date to be announced on the community calendars.

1st Soldier's Memorial Ball at PaxLair

I will be hosting the 1st Soldier's Memorial Ball at Winfield's Castle in PaxLair plus an encore event on Saturday the 23rd at 9:30a and 3:30p central time.


Welcome all my Knights Brothers to R17!! you may find me in Paxlair POT showing off the Benefactor Knights Home.

Guild Event Results

We had a modest get together today. Myself, Galiwyn, Night Fury and Grant went to the Spectral Mines. Galiwyn had to leave early and Grant came late but during the course of the day everyone managed to die at least once. Much fun had by ghosts at our expense. Night Fury was the only one who could kill them back. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take screenshots.

Library Update

I've gone through the current library content and marked most of it as Updated or Under Review. Anything "under review" is something that we still need to look at and update for SotA.

Guild Event - Exploring Novia. Mar. 7th, 6pm GMT

On Saturday, March 7th at 10a PST / 12p CST/ 1p PST / 6pm GMT. We will be getting together to explore the Novia map. Bring your best fighting gear and a few repair kits if you have them.

Caer Dracwych

In other news.. we are now the proud owners of a new town: Caer Dracwych! This is currently a holdfast which will be reserved for guild members and their families. If you would like to make your residence in our new town please drop me a line and let me know what sized lot you need and I will try to arrange it.

Library Section Added!

FINALLY! I've had this planned for so long. I finally took some time to sit down this weekend and know this out. Council Members and higher can now contribute to the official guild library. You can't really mis it: it's that new menu item next to Roster! Ha :) Anyway, I expect Bowen will be digging in deep and adding lots of content there over the next few weeks and months. Our goal is first to get all the library content from our old site transferred over, then rewrite and update things, and add new books where needed. If you have anything that you think should be added to the library, let Grant (myself) or Bowen know.

R14 Status

Grant has been very busy of late and hasn't had the opportunity to work on the site. Such is life. We have however managed to each grab a lot in Westhollow for R14. We will be looking for everyone in-game to get you hooked up with the guild. If we don't find you drop us a line and let us know when we can meet up in-game.

Guild in R12

We are officially in R12! <P> I just registered the guild early this morning. To join you'll have to catch a guild member in-game. Right click-them and choose the appropriate options. <P> Be sure to look for either me or Grant.

R12 & Guild Testing

R12 is here and servers are up 24/7. Guild features are starting to go in and it's 25k to start testing guild features. So far it looks like skeletons are the money makers. <P> Looking forward to seeing everyone in-game.